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Our screen printing services include high quality plastisol inks as our standard way of printing. We can print up to 6 colors with the ability to do spot and half tone projects. Our 4 styles of printing are Spot Color printing, Simulated Process Printing, Discharge Printing and Specialty Ink Printing..


If your looking for that professional look, like your logo on the left chest of a polo or jacket. Then the embroidery look helps give that final touch. We can do multiple color logos with a nice thread count and very detailed clean and sharp finish.


Apparel Designs Inc. can also provide our clients with a full line of awards such as plaques, trophies, ribbons, certificates, as well as other promotional and specialty items. If we do your apparel for your school, business or sport league. Then we figure we can make it easy on you and do your awards!

graphic design

If you need professional Graphic design services, one of our professional designers can help at any time of the design process. Have a design already, but is lacking, we can take it and create a the design further than you can imagine. With just another cool font, texture or additional images. And our designers love to create custom designs rather than use a cookie cutter website software.

promotional print

At Apparel Designs Inc., we utilize the most modern and innovative equipment and products in the printing industry. We are proud of producing the highest quality and finished products that are also environmentally conscious

athletic apparel

If you need uniforms for a league such as softball, football, lacrosse etc... Then we can help! We can do as little as just mixing up uniform colors to the full extent of custom logos on front and name and numbers on the back. We can make any league look professional without the high costs. We are here to help you stay under budget!


how we work?

we understand our clients

The more we listen and understand our clients and the obstacles they face, the better we can attribute to their success.

Our goal is to get you started with clear knowledge to uncover insights that create new opportunites and meaning for identifying you. Research is our main process in finding your place at the top of your industry.

Why Choose us?

we bring our clients results

We take a clear cut approach to each project, focusing on the client's direct business goals and the best means of achieving them. Our client's will see enhanced identity and new leads thanks to our vision

we are multi-faceted

We have experienced designers for each of our services, from branding, web design, image editing, to advertising. More importantly, you dont have to hire multiple companies to get your project finished.We can do it all.